Gypsum Retarder

Gypsum Retarder
Gypsum Retarder
Gypsum Retarder
Gypsum Retarder

1. Description
CH-12 is synthetic of high performance gypsum retarder independently designed by Chenghao company. It has supper retarding performance with low dosage. It can make gypsum’s setting time adjust optionally.Using CH-12, there is a small strength loss of hardened gypsum based products.
Chenghao CH-12 is specially designed for desulphurization gypsum from power plant. It can be apply to plaster gypsum, plaster adhesives,plaster precast, gypsum filler, gypsum mode, and gypsum decorating coating.
CH-12 is powder form with high fluidity, it can be well mixed and dispersed with gypsum by helical mixture and grinding. It can prolong the setting time for Plaster gypsum and plaster adhesive for an hour to several hours by customers’ needs. It makes
construction convenient, efficiency improvement, and cost saving.
CH-12 can be used together with our Chenghao melamine sulphonate formaldehyde superplasticizer, in order to adjust setting time and consistency of gypsum optionally. CH-12 provides convenience for exploitation and utilization of gypsum resources , for expanding of gypsum application range, and for speeding up of construction schedule.
2. Specification
Powder:Chenghao CH-12
3. Properties

Appearance: powder: faint yellow to white
Water Content (Powder)(%): <3%
pH Value (20℃)(20% Liquid): 10~11
Dosage Recommendation(%): in relation of weight of binder powder:0.05~0.5% ( The setting time will be prolonged with increasing dosage , duo to setting time effect could be different caused by different gypsum , it should make testing design for dosage before production application. )

4. Application
This product can be used in the plaster gypsum, the glue gypsum, the gypsum putty, the prefabricated gypsum components, the gypsum stuffing materials, the gypsum model broad, the gypsum decoration coating and so on.
5. Package
Powder: 25kgs/ plastic sealed bag.
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