hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose factory

HPMC is odorless,tasteless, non-toxic cellulose ethers producted from natural high molecular cellulose through series of chemical processing and achieved.we are hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose factory,we produce high quality products and cheap price.

And my company has the advanced method of liquid phase reaction kettle, adopt domestic most advanced technology to produce hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose.

It has thickening, adhesion, dispersing, emulsifying, film, suspended, adsorption, gel, and protetive colloid properties of surface activity and maintain moisture function properties ect.

hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose

Product Name: HPMC
Content of Methoxy: 24.0-30.0
Content of Hydroxypropyl: 9.0-12.0
Temperature of Gelation: 50-68ºC
Moisture: ≤5%
Ash: ≤5%
PH Value: 7-8
Apperance:White Powder

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