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Packingin plastic bags of 1kg net each, then 20 x 1Kg bags to be stowed in plastic woven bags. We could load approx. 8MT, 16MT and 18MT pp fiber in 20'GP, 40'GP and 40'HQ separately

PP Fiber Polypeopylene Macro Synthetic Fibre Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA
1.Used in cement and motar concrete:PVA/PP/PAN/PP Macro fiber
2.Used in asphalt concrete:PET fiber

Polypropylene monofilament fiber can significantly improve the bond performance between fiber and cement mortar, concrete. This prevents early cracking of cement and concrete, effectively prevent the happening and development of mortar and concrete cracks, so to ensure uniform exudation, prevent segregation and hinder the formation of settlement cracks. Though experiments show that 0.1% volume content of fiber, the crack resistance of concrete mortar increased 70%, on the other side, it also can significantly improve the permeability resistance up to 60% 70% (compared with the common cement).

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