S301 Starch Ether

S301 Starch Ether
S301 Starch Ether
S301 Starch Ether
S301 Starch Ether
Starch Ether
It is specially designed for dry mortar based on cement & gypsum and improve performance & workability of dry mortar.
Our starch ether is a good mortar additive, we are globally supplying to producers in dry mortar industry. Our starch ether can improve the performance and optimum the workability of dry mortar by modification the thickness and rheology of dry mortars based on gypsum, cement, lime, etc. Our starch ether is usually used in combination with cellulose ethers (native or modified). It can well perform in neutral and alkaline conditions, and it is compatible with other additives in gypsum-based and cement-based building materials, e.g. redispersible polymer powders like surfactant, MC, starch, PVAC, etc.
Improve sagging resistance/ anti-sagging properties
Enhance adhesion strength
Optimize workability
Increase mortar yield
Cement-based or gypsum-based manual and machine applied mortars
Joint filler and crack filler
Tile adhesives
Masonry mortars
Recommended Dosage: 0.01~0.05% of mortar materials
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